Zagara: the best of Made in Sicily craftsmanship in the Milan showcase

Handcrafted Made in Sicily excellencewithin reach of all budgets: under interior design, jewelry and food and wine, Sicily in Milan lives at Zagara, the store in the Cadorna district that offers an assorted selection of the best of Sicilian tradition.
Messinese by birth, Milanese by love, Stefania Quagliata has brought her Sicily to the North, inside the four walls of Zagara, the store whose name evokes the citrus groves of the Catania plain and is instead located in the Milanese neighborhood of Cadorna. She wanted to feel it close again, longed to make it known to others, and finally discovered it first when she decided to get serious: “I papered the Island on a 1,200-kilometer tour that revealed much more to me than I, as a Sicilian, could have imagined.” Reviewing one country after another and trusting her good taste, Stefania searched and found for each technique, workmanship and traditional craftsmanship, the best, most distinctive artisan. Continued

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