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Zagara: the Sicilian specialty store in Milan

Zagara Milano, located at 2 Vincenzo Monti Street, is a Sicilian specialty store in Milan. Created to fill a recurring void in all Sicilian emigrants and beyond, our business reality has chosen the Milanese metropolis to offer items of various kinds united by a single characteristic, Sicilian origin. Trinacria is a passion that remains in the hearts of all those who for a variety of reasons need to leave their lands and move elsewhere. Milan is home to both several families from the south and many fans of the Sicilian tradition in terms of food, jewelry, scented essences, and excellent quality Sicilian handmade ceramics in Milan. Thanks to an idea born of a love for Sicily and nostalgia for its peculiarities, Zagara Milano has become a reference point for anyone who wishes to remember the lands of southern Italy. If you also live in Milan or travel to this big city for work or study, don’t miss the chance to visit our Sicilian specialty store in Milan and rediscover ancient flavors, local Sicilian fragrances and beautiful home decor items. Zagara Milan sells:
  • sicilian ceramics
  • jewelry created by Sicilian master goldsmiths
  • Interior design items that reflect the Sicilian tradition
  • Sicilian gastronomic specialties
  • floor and wall tiles made exclusively by the best Sicilian master craftsmen.

Where to buy Sicilian specialty gift ideas in Milan

Zagara Milano is a store specializing in the sale of typical Sicilian products. During the holidays, it offers you themed Sicilian specialty gift ideas, while during the rest of the year it offers you the opportunity to purchase high-quality, Sicilian-made items that are excellent as gifts. The Caltagirone ceramic Moorheads are handcrafted and entirely represent the soul of Trinacria and at the same time are beautiful placed inside a home, therefore perfect for gift giving. Ideal as storage or plant holders, blackberry heads have been particularly successful in recent years, and thanks to their strong character they fit into any environment. Plates made from Caltagirone ceramics are popular with the public and can be used either on display or as wonderful alternative table centerpieces.  

Zagara Milan: a corner of Sicily in Lombardy

If you would like to buy jams, preserves or creams made in Sicily to taste again the flavors of Sicilian culinary tradition while staying in Milan, you must visit Zagara Milano. Here you will find sauces, Sicilian pastries, honey and much more. Please do not hesitate to contact us to request more information or to find out about the specialties you can buy on site. Come visit us as soon as possible and become our loyal customer.