Sicilian Jewels Online

No matter how many transformations the fashion industry has gone through, nothing can bring a royal outlook like jewellery can. Many women see it as the perfect statement for self-expression. And suppose you ever get bored of the trendy, designer pieces. In that case, you can go for the many Sicilian jewels online, creating an exotic collection crafted by master jewellers in the Mediterranean islands and be the envy of your friends.

Shop Sicilian jewels online at Zagara

If you want some jewels made of exclusive Sicilian stones and designed by the traditional artisans from the sea-land, clicking on the Sicilian jewels online option at Zagara will fill your desire effortlessly.

Zagora by Stefania Quagliata is a shop that celebrates artisanal excellence made exclusively in Sicily craftsmanship. Located in Via Monti in Milan, it brings the best Sicilian jewels, among other things. From wooden rings to hand-knotted bracelets to artist’s earrings, here you will find everything to match your fashion statement.

An exquisite collection of Sicilian jewels online

Zagara offers rings made using pure gold and silver with a handcrafted work of olive wood, coral stone, three pendants and round rhodium. Some designs also feature a handmade cactus on top, a symbolic emblem of the Island of the sun.

A homage to Sicilian styles, the necklace comes with large wire decorated with exotic Sicilian pendants such as horn, wheel, and extensive coral stone with olive wood. Similarly, the comprehensive collection of zircon earrings consists of some ingenious handcrafted horseshoes and wrought iron.

Another unique item of the available Sicilian jewels online collection is the bracelet made of gold plated chain and a unique Sicilian pendant at the front. Moreover, the brioches in the Bella brioches Island bracelet are crafted of silicon baked cake shape consistent with the hand-knotted fabric.