Astragalus Nebrodensis honey


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Produced in the Palermo area in the mountains in June.

Color: in the liquid state it is almost colorless if pure it does not crystallize.

It is a rare honey from the high mountains (about 1800 meters).

Odor: almost absent.
Taste: delicate, being rich in fructose it is metabolized in the liver and constitutes an important energy reserve.

It is suitable for children for its very pleasant taste, it has strengthening properties.

Uses: it is recommended to sweeten coffee, herbal teas, milk, tea, excellent for desserts.

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  • Avvinando Winefest G. Lo Sicco Award October 2011
  • R. Franci Competition in Montalcino (Siena) 2002
  • Honeys competition of Mediterranean production in Sortino (Syracuse) year 2001 

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