From food to ceramics: here is the made in sicily that conquered Milan

Claudia Russo, Digital Creator & Press Office took a tour of the crowded streets of the Milanese city, discovering Made In Sicily and its artisanal excellence. Here are the Sicilian realities most appreciated by the Milanese.

Zagara Milan

If you want to organize a dinner, lunch or event “the Sicilianway,” Zagara Milano is the one for you! Located in the elegant and sought-after Via Monti (just a few hundred meters from Castello Sforzesco) Zagara Milan is a triumph of Sicily in all its forms: from handmade and hand-painted ceramics to traditional pastries Messina, with its magnificent cannoli, Cassata di ricotta, Pignolata, granitas and brioches col tuppo. There is no shortage of jewelry, items for wedding favors and cadeaux, and savory local delicacies such as pates, fresh pestos, Aeolian liquors, and ready-made fish or meat sauces. At Zagara Milano, in addition to the standard purchase of all the products in the store, it is possible to rent (for individuals and non-individuals) the moro heads, handcrafted pinecones, mis en place and everything you need to welcome guests, friends or relatives in full Sicilian style. The Milanese are literally in love with it…and we can’t blame them!