Sale of majolica and lava stone tables

Sale of majolica and lava stone tables

Sale of majolica and lava stone tables: excellence of Sicily in Milan Sicily is an extraordinary region, the cradle of art in all its facets: from gastronomy to artwork, from artifacts to materials hand-painted according to traditional techniques by timeless and ageless but gifted artists. Zagara Milan is a small corner of Sicily transported to […]

Store – Sicilian specialty gift ideas Milan

Zagara: the Sicilian specialty store in Milan Zagara Milano, located at 2 Vincenzo Monti Street, is a Sicilian specialty store in Milan. Created to fill a recurring void in all Sicilian emigrants and beyond, our business reality has chosen the Milanese metropolis to offer items of various kinds united by a single characteristic, Sicilian origin. […]

Sicilian products for sale online – Sicilian Cassata

Sicilian cassata online sale

Selling Sicilian products online: buying culinary specialties has never been easier Are you looking for someone to handle the sale of Sicilian products online? Then you are just in the right place. We at Zagara Milano have specialized for years in the sale and shipment of typical products derived from Sicily. By relying on us, […]

Sale of Sicilian ceramics online

sale of sicilian ceramics

Zagara Milano is the virtual store for you if you are looking for. sale of ceramics of Sicily online . The state-of-the-art e-commerce is easy to navigate and full of typical handcrafted complements ideal for beautifying every corner of your home, office, store or to give as gifts to those you love. Learn more about […]